More Jerry-finds

Together with the tanks that I wrote about in my last
report I also bought some Jerry-minis.
Both for SoTR and traditional WW2-skirmish.
The two snipers are a treat for the eye but I will
repaint them in a more woodland-like colours
because I find this pattern to much desert.
The german tank-crews can both be used as
staff or vehicle-crews.
The medium mortar is primarily for SoTR
because of the uniform and equipment and
will be used a lot in the future together
with my homebuilt rocket-launchers.
The two officers will be converted and I
will use other heads that will look a lot more
menacing.The reason for this is that I intend
to use them as special-characters.
I also bought some tank-crews without weapons
for my tanks.Last but not least I got two tracks
for a 38t praga tank and these will be very useful
when scratchbuilding a tracked russian vehicle
for SoTR.

Tanks for the Jerrys

Last weekend a friend of mine at the local gaming-club
made me an offer that I couldn´t resist.
He offered me both tanks and crew for a neat sum of
60 Euros. I purchased both for 28mm and 15mm.
All of it was german and WW2.
The big tanks will be used both for Bolt Action and
Secrets of the third reich.
The medium tank (Panther Ausf D) will be a nice
support vehicle and the Wirbelwind will be a real
threat using the four 6mm A-cannons on PBI(poor
bloody infantry). The last tank in the 28mm-scale
is a Grille with a 10,5cm gun mounted on a Praga-
chassi(38t) and this will be used both for hammering
the infantry and grinding down strongholds and bunkers.
The Grille is the only tank that I will update with more
details and camo-net.
Last but not forgotten is the 15 tanks to Flames of war.
I bought all of these for my project Berlin 1945 and
together with my last buy this will make my german
tank-force complete. The tanks will be updated with
late-war-camo and also camonets and accessories.
Next to complete is the german
infantry that will be a mixture of Volksgrenadiere,
Volksturm, SS, Fallschirmjaegers and regulars.
This project will be great fun to build and will be
my biggest project so far with a city-scenery and
compartments both above and underground.
I will build both sewers and cellars and detailed
models of the city-center.
In my next report I will write about all the
miniatures that I bought.


Cars and mug

Yesterday I visited my local second hand
store on my way home from work.
I discovered these two cars that really
will fit into the Post Apocalypse-scenery.
I will repaint them and also make some
fittings for my modular weaponsystem.
I think both cars are slightly oversized
but they will do anyway.

I also found a very useful dice-mug in
leather and all this for only 4 Euros.
A nice summer-bargain indeed.


Another ruin for urban warfare

Looking at my shelfves in my "man-cave" I soon
realized that I need a lot more housing and ruins
to be able to offer more diverse gaming at home.
This friday I started my vacation and I have also
managed to get some free-time between taking
care of my two lovely daughters and my big
building project at home.
This building/ruin will be used for urban warfare
and I am planning to place it along a street
in the town-center.The inspiration is some kind
of office-building. I have used cardboard, poly-
styrene, match-sticks and cutouts from cardboard-
board-boxes(roof-tiles).Next report will show the
model in paint. Have a nice summer out there
because here in Sweden it is only raining...



Walls and trenches to come

Last week I celebrated my birthday and one
of my fellow gamers decided to donate some
GW Necromunda wall-frames to me.

A very nice gift indeed and I will start to
make some panels both to use vertically and
horizontally. My idea is to buy some plastic
boards for laminating and make some useful
prints to use as panels in a photo-editing-program.

First I tested MDF (3mm thick) but this
didn´t work because it was to thick but I
will use these as bases for small ruins.
My friend Joe has tested some cardboard-
houses and experimented with graphics and
now it is my turn. If I will come up to some
graphics to use it will be a very nice addition
to my gaming board and versatile for many
Last week I also stumbled over a nice piece
of polystyrene to use a trenches. On the front
I will make a slope and on the back I will
build up with planks. This will be a useful
piece and I can imagine the minis storming
and also endure some heavy fighting on the
palisades. My oldest daughter made some
tests with one of my figures. :)
Last but not least I made some finds at the
local hobbyist that had sale.I found some
skulls in the right scale and also some wooden
pieces to use as planks.


Another combat-car and a warrior for the wasteland

Yesterday was my birthday and it was
absolutely perfect. A lot of surprises and
some time to relax.I also managed to
use some time for my hobby and I
have now built another car for Fallout-
skirmish and painted one more warrior

for the wastelands.
The "warrior" is probably a 40k cultist,
but I am not sure because I bought it
second hand and no question asked.
The car looks good and the rivets makes

it menacing.I will soon put some paint
on this monster and fuel it up for some
gaming in a apocalyptic scenery.