Final haul of bits

Some weeks ago I read an add on Facebook about selling a lot
of Imperial guard figures and bits.I contacted the seller and
bought a case of bits for only 10 euros.
The main reason for this "investment" is that I need bits and
figures to complete my own Cadian-force to Warhammer 40k.
My plan is to build a second veteran-squad equipped with 
these weapons: 1 officer (lasergun+powersword), 1 flamer,
1 voxcaster (laser-rifle), 1 plasmagun, 1 sniper, 1 soldier
with a regimental flag and 4 riflemen with laser-rifles or
2 more rifle-men with laserrifles, 1 rifleman with a
shotgun and finally soldier with a 1 rocket-launcher.
In the buy I also found a lot of bits to use for mecha-build.
A nice find was the skull-sign that will be a unpleasant road-
sign in post apocalyptic scenery. The sentinel-roof with leafes
are spot on in my desert/jungle-4-wheel conversion.
Nice stuff indeed and for once I don´t feel that I need more bits
ever... :)


Stonewalls made of oak

At work they made profiles for a customer in solid american oak and
the leftovers were garbage for some but not for me. :)
I looked at the U-shape and measured 25mm inside the gap and this
will fit perfectly for most of my figures.
The only figures that will not fit inside are my sotr-figures with
a base measuring 32mm i diameter.
The front and the back of my oak-profiles will be coated with 
cutouts that will look like stone-work when painted. I have not decided
yet if I will use polystyrene or cardboard but the most vivid choice
would be polystyrene. 
The U-profile measure 35mm in height and 45mm in depth and the
long pieces are 130mm in length.
I have not decided if I will add a base to make the profiles look more
wall-like but I think otherwise they will not look realistic.
I will probably add a base in soft MDF in a thickness of 22 or 30mm
and then the total height of the stone wall will measure 57 or 65mm.
I have also made a cut in some of the profiles (55 dgr) to make the
"stone-walls" more versatile. Finally I will make end-sections and
profiles with cutouts to symbolize rear entrances to the walls.

Here are also some pictures below to show how
I am going to make the stonework out of carved
ploystyrene.The pieces will be glued onto the
wooden profiles using pva.


War-galleon and fleet-building

Before moving I bought this Playmobil-ship at
the local second hand-market before for
only 4 Euros and it will be great to convert to
a mighty War-galleon in the scale 28mm.
I will add a rear-cabin and also make room for 
cannon-hatchets and deck-cannons.
With some paint this rig will look real good.
Maybe add some more sails but I have not 
decided yet.
In my fleet I have this ship but also 4 more medium-
size boats(yellow) and a fast pirate-rig and some
small landing crafts. Not pictured is my 
"potato-ship" that will look very menacing as a
big landing-craft. Still some work to do though! :)
I also publish some picture on my future
lab/man-cave. Still there are some work to be done

before I can start making some projects here.


Ghosts and barns

After a long time of absence I have now started to
work my way back. Last report was kind of down
because of my and my family-situation.
Now we are still struggeling but we have moved
to a new home and all items are at location.
Before moving I managed to both visit the local
second hand market and buying som miniatures 
from an old friend.
The figures are from Mantic and GW and will
be used for WHFB and my growing Vampire
count-army. For only 30 Euros I got a ghost and
30 skeletons in armour and 10 crypt ghouls.
I  really like the figures and with som lick of paint
they will look great.
Next find are a windmill and a small storage-cottage
and they are in the same scale and look as my
earlier finds. For only 1 Euro each they were very 
cheap too. At the bottom you can see the rest of 
my collection. Now I have a total of 2 windmills, 1
big barn and 3 small cottages(grain-storage).

All figures and buildings will fit to the 28mm-scale.
Next plan in my life is to make some order in our 
cellar and build my new "man-cave" and start
planning my new gaming-room that is placed next
by. I am really looking forward completing this
plan and start working on my projects again.


Hard times

Now is life not so easy because of the present situation.
We are in the middle of a big move from our house to
a new location. I also go up every morning at 04.30 to
be able to arrive at work in time.
On top of all the written down above my wife fell in
the stairs two weeks ago but we had a angels watch and
my youngest daughter survived with no injuries.
My wife has broken her left leg on three places and
must look forward to 6 weeks of rehab.
Despite of all the facts I feel that I must write something
on this blog of mine.
I have managed to paint both mechas to SoTR and
next thing will be to proceed with the details.
I have published a picture that show which paints I have
used to make my german peadot-camo.
I am pleased with the result and next thing will also be
to scratchbuild a cover-hatch to the german driver.
I have also managed to buy some japanese light-tanks
in the scale of 15mm.These will primarily be used
as close support to PBI (poor bloody infantry).
These will be used in the game Chain of command.
I have also started working on single-basing of my
japanese platoon (also to be used in chain of command).
I will send out a big hello to all the readers of this blog and
promise that in the future I will publish more reports.
Thankyou for your patience.


Updated mortar-team

About 5 years ago when I just picked up this hobby I helped
a friend of mine to renovate his wooden gable.
As a token of gratitude and that he was able to live the long
cold swedish winter indoors he gave me a present.
It was a Cadian-mortar team to the game WH 40k.
Back then I didn´t play WH 40k that often and I decided
to convert these mortar-teams to germans and use them in
the game SoTR. Now I have upgraded my Jerrys and I have
also started play WH40K more often.
I have switched heads and also updated some weapons and
finally added some scenery to each base.
I am very pleased with the result and here are some pictures.
The camo-net is made of gauze and pva.


Ruined monastery

For some weeks ago my friend Mikael arrived with a Christmas-
gift both from him and my other friend Peter S.
The gift from Mikaels was more Cadian-heads for WH 40k and
I will use them to build riot-police in my game Law and order.
A very nice gift indeed. Secondly I got a ruined monastery built
in a nice setting and ready for gaming.The monastery also contained
some loose walls and allt this will be used both for both pirate-
skirmish and SoTR.Especially gaming with zombies this scenery
will be spot on. In the future I will also build some crypts and
gravestones and a church or cathedral to make the setting complete.
Last but not least I got some skeleton-dinosaurs and I will fit these
with small plattforms and mount some Vampire counts-skeletons
and make ready for gaming in the WHFB.
All gifts in the scale for 28mm figures.
Very nice gifts from my friends and I will send out a big thankyou!!!
I will end this report and send out a big Merry Christmas to all you
nice readers out there that make this blog living.
Thankyou for all your answers and messages.